Having a close friend lose his battle to sarcoma, we are all too familiar with the dick that is cancer. So we - Tony Danny and Kevin - take a stand to appreciate the ones we've lost, take time with the ones we know and help bring awareness to fund caner research. We've shaved our faces, made a pledge page and are looking to fund $300.00 towards the research foundation. We've started with a $50.00 donation, that means we just need another $250.00 from you fellow beer drinkers. I know we can do it, and we can get closer to getting rid of cancer. Cheers.

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Here we are, starting the new season. Cleaning up a bit of the drunken dead-spaces and consolidating time, because well, not everyone has time for that. No more lollygagging, new points system, new games, more fun. Let us know what you think if anything at all, otherwise crack one open and join us.



Pardon the mess, we've dealt with many an item that has pushed us back, including the loss of our website - of which we are in the works of rebuilding; will be back for more. In the mean time, all of our episodes can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.

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