We've been stagnant and we're sorry. Life gets in the way, the beer still flows but not always with a mic around. We've got some content coming up we promise.

Some time has passed, our hosting site went through some more changes so lack of content again. Thanks for sticking with us and we'll keep up the podcasts. More to come.

No Shave November has been completed, a total of $60 made its way to the cause thank you everyone! We took a Hiatus last week due to "eatery holiday" and the "sorry-to-the-natives-but-we-had-the-day-off-of-work" day.



Here we are, starting the new season. Cleaning up a bit of the drunken dead-spaces and consolidating time, because well, not everyone has time for that. No more lollygagging, new points system, new games, more fun. Let us know what you think if anything at all, otherwise crack one open and join us.



Pardon the mess, we've dealt with many an item that has pushed us back, including the loss of our website - of which we are in the works of rebuilding; will be back for more. In the mean time, all of our episodes can be found wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Give us some feedback, what do you like, what do you not. Any beer or bar suggestions we should try? Would you like to see any changes?